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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Print Your Own Games With MakerModel's Clever Designs

The cool thing about blogging is that it brings fun things into your life.  And, what I'm going to talk about in this blog article is at the top of the heap when it comes to fun.

Thanks to a Cube3 owner's (Don Oldham) creativity, cleverness and skill, anyone with a 3D printer can purchase, print and play some games that promise to be a lot of fun for children and grandchildren!

The web site is Maker Models

Maker Models Battle Fun

There are a number of games available. And, the designs are quite sophisticated.

Marble Run

Here is a short video that demonstrates Marble Run Motorized Chutes, one of two versions of Marble Run offering.


I love the reaction of the children.  My own grandchildren are teens now; but, I remember them at the age of the children in the video and that sound of shear joy remains a very happy memory for me.  

Not only do they offer the STL files to print the parts; but, the non-printed parts from a single source that makes it easy to get up and running fast.

The fun doesn't stop there.

Marble Race

Marble Race allows up to five players to race their own marbles around a track that actually allows passing.  Pretty clever!

Marble Race

This is pretty slick.

If my father were still alive, I can visualize him beating all challengers and creating an "All-Time All-Time Champion" badge that he wore proudly each time the game was played.  :)
Among my siblings and our friends, my father is legendary as the person ALL of us wanted to beat and rarely succeeded.  We didn't play Croquet.  We played Cutthroat Croquet were you knew for sure that sooner or later your ball (usually by Dad) would be driven deep into the most dense overgrowth!  :)
I wish there was a video of this game in action.  In its absence I can just visualize the gleeful chaos.  Providing the opportunity for marbles to pass each other is a stroke of genius.

Battle Fun

Soldiers, castles and towers.  This is Battle Fun.

Battle Fun

Not only does Maker Models offer the STL files for the game pieces; but, also make available a case for all those parts and STL files for the case dividers.  The cannons are even able to shoot rubber cannon balls which is my kind of fun.  :)

Fish Line Splicer

Along with the games, there is a useful tool for those that love to fish.  The Fish Line Splicer is a device that aids in the spicing of braided fishing lines.  Pretty clever.

Fish Line Splicing Tool

I love creative solutions to everyday challenges and this definitely qualifies.

The prices seem very reasonable to me.

I actually appreciate the fact that there is a small cost for the STL files.  That is because the lamentable fact is that free files don't provide the support for talented designers like Don Oldham that allows them to continue to design and that is a loss for the whole 3D printing community.  I WANT to see people like the designers being able to design more clever and fun games that all of us can enjoy!

Keep it up Don!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Getting Ready with some Tough Love!

Based on what I have seen from afar... and, for a few minutes up close... I am a Cubify Fan.

But, that does not mean that I am not going to make my Cube earn its keep.  It is going to have to perform well to earn my full respect.  So, I'm getting ready for its debut with a little bit of tough love in the form of a tortuous STL file designed to let the Cube show me its stuff.

Actually, I may have to modify the ST:L a bit before uploading it to because the love might be a little TOO tough.

It turned out that while I was making the above video I was also printing out the STL on my RepRap printer and it REALLY had a hard time with parts of the file.

RepRap: First the good news...

The RepRap printed out the vertically extruded triangle, the cylinder and the twisted star fairly well.  The Twisted star and cylinder were essentially flawless.  And, all but one corner edge on the vertical triangle printed better than expected.  The half sphere was surprisingly smooth and even.

RepRap: The Bad News...

The horizontal triangle was completely lost in support material.  I could not even find it.  Nor could either of the holes be identified.  The box was simply engulfed in support materials the point that the support could not be distinguished from the box itself.

This may be because I did not join the sphere, box and horizontally extruded triangle as one object.  I went back and did that and will reprint the STL tomorrow.

It could be that I simply went beyond reasonable in terms of wall thickness and blew poor Axon2's brains out.  We'll see.

But it does point out that I am no sissy when it comes to testing and evaluating.  In fact, as it turns out, I could be a bit of a bully based on my first result from my poor RapMan!

But, even if I end up easing up on a subsequent STL test file, I am keeping this one to run on the Cube.  Hmmmm... I wonder if that indicates I have a bit of a mean streak???  LOL!

Pictures and 10x-40x microscope images to follow when I do the final comparisons.