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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

ProMega 15.3"x15.3"x15.3" from M3D

One of the unique things M3D does best is to minimize the outside footprint relative to the size of their print area.  That continues with their newest offering, a commercial 3D printer for industrial production applications.

The newly announced ProMega provides a 15.3"x15.3"x15.3" build area in 20" all metal enclosed housing and was revealed on a new crow funding site Fit For Launch
M3D ProMega

The roll-out includes a novel pricing strategy.  The official MSRP is $3,500 after the Fit For Launch funding period.  But, the Fit for Launch opening price was $1,000.  Periodically, the price is raised and at the time of this writing the pre-order price is $1,170.00. 

In contrast to earlier M3D printers, except for the proprietary heated bed, the ProMega is almost entirely open source in both hardware and software.  This should be assuring for anyone who has never had experience with using M3D products.  This means that replacement parts and software improvements can be obtained from a variety of vendors.

I am confident that it is an incredible value and will deliver on every promise.  So what are these promises?  Let's look at the specs as published on Fit For Launch.

I have seen the ProMega in action and, as a backer, follow the progress on a daily basis. I have never experienced such an open and candid process.

With a 20" footprint, it probably not for everyone.  But, for those looking for a fast dual material switching printer that uses a single nozzle (avoiding nozzle leveling problems) this is, in my opinion, a really great value.  CubePro users will especially appreciate that ANY filament can be used and print tips can be interchanged for different materials and temperature requirements.

I do want to mention the unique heated bed strategy.  There is a center area and a second surrounding area so that one doesn't have to heat the entire bed when printing an individual object that completely falls within the center zone.  Leveling and gap are entirely automatic using a sensor that actually works.

We bought in at the $1,000 launch.  Quite frankly, having already purchased more than a dozen  Micro and Micro+printers from M3D, we knew we could trust them to deliver the ProMega, giving our lab a large platform dual extrusion printer that could superior prints with high speed performance.

It would be foolish for us to NOT pursue the ProMega at the entry price of $1,000.  It's going to be a bargain at $3,500!  All of our CubePro Duo and Trio printers cost more than the ProMega and while they performed for us, the ProMega is a big step up in terms of print quality and cost of materials.  We're really looking forward to its arrival.

I hope to be able to see it in action again in the near future and will keep you up to date on its progress.  But, if a large platform commercial caliber printer with a heated bed fits your 3D printing needs, I urge you to take a serious look at the ProMega Fit for Launch page.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

M3D PRO Now on Kickstarter!!!

When 3D Systems ceased production of the Cube series of printers, I began to explore alternatives.

That's when I became acquainted with M3D and the low-cost Micro 3D printer.   At YouthQuest Foundation, we have been experimenting with two of the Micro printers in our 3D ThinkLink lab and I have purchased one for my granddaughters.  It is destined to have an important role in our work with at-risk young people.  In fact, the YouthQuest Foundation's Board of Directors just approved a fund-raising campaign to purchase M3D Micro 3D printers as the anchor of a new peer mentoring program for our cadets.  So, we plan to purchase many more.

More importantly, as I studied the company behind the Micro, it was apparent that they were much more than simply a 3D printer manufacturing company.  At its heart it is an innovation company.  In fact, I was so impressed that I began the IdeaRoom3D blog to feature the M3D line of products.

Several weeks ago, I received an email from M3D that invited me to take part in a video they were creating.  Naturally, I jumped at the chance to meet the team at M3D and I am ALWAYS ready to talk about the wonderful benefits of 3D printing.

Today, I received an email that announced the opening of M3D's KickStarter campaign for the new sensor-rich M3D Pro!  Following the link, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the video in which I participated is on the Kickstarter page.  (I'm the old guy in the red shirt.)  :)

But, that is NOT why I am urging you to visit M3D's Kickstarter page.

Normally these days, I would avoid a KickStarter campaign for a new 3D printer like the plague.  So many in the recent past have ended badly.  But, this one is different.  Having been experimenting with the M3D Micro for a while now, I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about this new development.  I have gotten to know this company and I've used their products which gives me the utmost confidence to pledge my support.

Remember that I said that M3D is more than simply a 3D printer manufacturer and at its heart M3D is an innovation company?  That is MORE than evident when one examines the M3D Pro.

I could waste your time by trying to write about all the many features I find appealing about this new, unique 3D printer.  But, the M3D KickStarter page does a much better job than I could in presenting all the wonderful new innovations it represents.

I missed out on their first KickStarter campaign for the Micro; but, we're not missing out on this one!  Count us in for a pledge!!!

Here is the Link to the M3D Kickstarter Page.