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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Cube - Opening the Box and Setting Up

If you look at the steps contained in this video, you'll see that the time it takes to open up the Cube packaging and print out the first sample piece is WAY shorter than it takes to render the video to show it!!!

The process was not without some confusion.  And, I should have worn my glasses,  But, the fact that with a little effort I was able to actually read the LCD screen on the Cube is a bit of a miracle in and of itself..

I hope this video will be helpful to other new Cube owners.  I already knew the Cube was a great 3D Printer.  But, this was the first time I have seen the output from an actual production model and it is marvelously smooth and precise.  The detail is VERY good.

I love it!

As I probably said before... The size is perfect.  The weight is perfect.  And, the output is precise.  The person or persons that designed this 3D Printer are to be commended.

So... for better or worse... here is the video of what you may experience opening, setting up and printing with the Cube! 

Some notable things that immediately strike me.  I love that the print bed is easily removable.  That makes getting the part off a LOT easier than it might be otherwise and puts less stress on the printer, itself.  I love that changing cartridges and colors is SO easy.  I love that I can carry it around so easily.  I love that the print bed is heated.  Having that feature is well worth the additional wait time before the printing starts.

My only complaint is that the extra material that I ordered did not arrive with the printer.  I hope it arrives soon; because, I have a long list of things I want to print out on this little printer and I'd be crying if I ran out of material before I finished that list.  We shouldn't have to wait too long to find out just how many things can be printed from one cartridge.  This Cube is going to get a good workout.

While I hope that a whole new group of people will be attracted to 3D printing because of the Cube, I suspect that many early adopters will have already had a RepRap printer.  So, while I do plan to print "pretty" objects. the first objects I print will be designed to test and demonstrate the performance of the printer as I have promised.