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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Great News for 2nd Gen Cube and CubePro Owners

I was recently sent a cartridge that fits the 2nd Gen Cube.  It came from a company called MakeShaper in North Carolina. 

I agreed to test a cartridge and those test have been completed.

Here is the result:

Test Print Using the MakeShaper Filament Cartridge
The first thing i noticed was that the moisture protection bag in which it is contained was much heftier than I am used to seeing.   I have had absolutely no problems with the cartridge.  Where it differs from the OEM version is that (1) it is held together with screws (T-10 Star) making it very easy to open and (2) it contains a pack of moisture protection tucked inside the cartridge.  Nice!

The cartridges for the 2nd Gen Cube are just $25.  And, those for the CubePro are just $65.  I have not tested the CubePro version.  But, at that price is sure looks like it's worth exploring.

The available colors in either PLA or ABS are:
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Black 
  • White
Here is a link to the 2nd Gen Cartridge order page...

By the way, I failed to mention that they offer free shipping on orders over $50.

Cartridges can also be ordered by phone... 919-776-6925.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hagley Invention Convention - Visitor's Perspective

What keeps you pumped up for three full days and hours on end at an event is the people you meet.  And, Hagley's Invention Convention was a prime example of this.  I had a wonderful time.  But, I was working the table.  How was it for the visitor that came by the Cube table to learn about 3D printing and see the new Next-Gen Cube.

The following photos give us a bit of a hint.  They were taken by Joe Pulcinella, a parent and professional photographer.  Now, he didn't lug along his massive Canon SLR and professional lights to Hagley.  After all, this was to be a fun father-child outing. But, when I saw him taking pictures with his smaller camera, and saw the quality, I asked him if he would mind letting me put them up on this blog so that you could see what he saw.  He was kind enough to send some to share with you.

Next-Gen Cube - Hagley Invention Convention (Joe Pulcinella)

The Cubify team kept the prototype Next-Gen Cubes running non-stop, printing in both ABS and PLA.  The printing table mount will be a bit different in the production machines that ship this month.  This is the "pink" version of the new Cube. 

A Favorite - The Owl  (Joe Pulcinella)

My eldest granddaughter had the same reaction when she saw the owl.  She wanted one.  What made this particular owl so special was the new resolution of the Next-Gen Cube.  The detail is stunning.  Behind the owl is Keith Ozar, of the Cubify Team.  Remember that name, you are going to see it a lot.  More about that later.  :)

Sisters Studying the Cube's Print  (Joe Pulcinella)

It was fun to watch how the children and parents took great care to learn how the Cube created the objects.  First. they took the time to watch the printing process and ask questions.  But, most also wanted to pick up the printed pieces and explore them in depth.  This was the "Blue" version of the Next-Gen Cube.

Studying the Cube's Print Up Close (Joe Pulcinella) 's

I've been printing with a 3D printer for a while now.  But, even I had to pick up the Rhino and experience for myself how smoothly it was printed with the Next-Gen Cube.  And, I also have to marvel that this was printed without requiring either raft or supports!  Be sure to click on the image to see it at full size.

Intense Focus on the Cube Printing   (Joe Pulcinella)

Seeing people intently trying to drink in exactly how the Next-Gen Cube worked its magic was a lot of fun.  But, seeing the quality of the printed output was equally fun.  The large rook, alligator and planter were all created on the Next-Gen Cube.  Again, click on an image to see those teeth in the jaws of that croc and be amazed that they were not only very sharp... But, printed without any support at all!

(I still have to find the site to download the Alligator and Rhino.  When I do, I will update this blog entry with the links.)

Thank you Joe.  I enjoyed meeting you and our discussions about what a wonderful job the Cubes were doing.  I really appreciate the pictures and I'm sure the readers are equally appreciative.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

1st Generation Cube in Light of 2nd Generation Cube

Christmas is less than a month ago.  And, perhaps. you purchased or received a 1st Generation Cube only to learn that the 2nd Generation Cube ("Next-Gen Cube") has been announced.  I suppose that one might feel justified in wondering if you made the right decision to be a very early adopter.

I just spent 2 days with the new Next-Gen Cube at Hagley with members of the Cubify team.  It's a marvelous printer.  And, the response was wonderful!

2nd Generation Cube - Hagley Invention Convention

Yes, it's a bit faster.  Yes, it prints in PLA and ABS.  Yes, it's accuracy is approved.   But, did it make me regret the fact that I own the 1st Generation Cube?  No.  Not at all.

Here's why...

The minute I saw the Next-Gen Cube and saw the crowd's reaction and heard their comments, I know that 3D printing is probably becoming a common, mainstream item a LOT faster than even I would have guessed one year ago.  And, this means something very special to 1st Generation Cube owners.

You most likely have the ONLY consumer 3D printer that will ever be released that has the unique advantages of a heated bed.  Not, only that; but, by having a printer that is easily identifiable as THE 3D printer that started it all, when it comes to consumer 3D printers, you are instantly in a very special class of people that was smart enough and had enough foresight to be among the first to recognize the value of 3D printing in the home or personal office.  You have THE 1st Edition.  And, 1st Editions have a special place in the sun.

Personal 3D printing is going to be an enormous game changer.  I'm not sure it will be as significant as the Gutenberg's printing press.  But, that's at least a possibility.  And, you and I have the functional equivalent of a 1st Edition printed on that famous press.  Everybody else that is going to jump on the bandwagon will own the 2nd Edition or the 3rd Edition.

Perhaps an even better analogy is Edison's first phonograph that used cylinder's vs his later phonograph that used a flat record.  I can imagine the chagrin of the buyer that had just purchased the cylinder phonograph only to read that the flat record player had been released!  Yet, I'm sure you can agree that owning THE first photograph invented is a LOT cooler than owning the second or third version!  In the end, who had the most valuable model?  :)

Some day, being astute enough to have owned THE 3D printer that started it all is going to make a difference in a job interview, a college scholarship or perhaps even directly financially from a collector.  It is going to be something you can look back on talk about with a special sense of pride and satisfaction.

While I love the advances of the new Next-Gen Cube.  I see nothing that makes me regret having a 1st Generation Cube.  It only makes me proud that I had the vision to be among the first and that my granddaughters knew what it was to experience 3D printing well before their classmates.

The 1st Generation Cube is more than just a 3D printer.  It is that rare technological seed that grows a massive  movement.  Cherish it.  There will never be another quite like it.

Gee, we were smart to want one!!   :)

In the next post, I will introduce you to the newest member of the Cube family.  It is a beautiful child! And, it now comes in various colors.  My granddaughters insist I get a pink one!  And, of course, I'm told "It's a need, not a want."

They're getting a lot more clever at manipulating PopPop as they get older!   LOL!